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I’m Julie Bee. I provide entrepreneurs with strategy, support, and action that fuels their success (without burnout).

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Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Constantly putting out fires? Wearing too many hats?

Frustrated with a lack of progress? Stuck in analysis paralysis?

Worried about finances? Concerned about retaining your team?

Wish you could burn your business to the ground and walk away?

Stress, burnout, and isolation are not in your job description. I support entrepreneurs on their journey to stop putting out fires every day so that they can focus on the next best steps for their businesses. 

1:1 Strategy Session

The 1:1 conversation you’ve needed, with a supportive and strategic guide. Sales, burnout, writing a book, or team challenges – I’ve got you. $99, on Zoom.

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Is it a manageable level of stress or has it become burnout? Find out with this free quiz.

Burned (my book)

The business owner’s guide to burnout. Order now and get all the bonuses.

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48% of small business owners* say they are currently experiencing or have experienced burnout within the past month. I help entrepreneurs prevent burnout with support and action.

It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

1:1 Strategy Session

Entrepreneurs and business owners often need just one conversation to turn things around or address a challenge. This is that one conversation. We’ll meet on Zoom. I’ll bring my accounting and process brain, marketing experience, leadership lessons, and burnout expertise to the table. You’ll leave with a clear plan to get sh*t done and remove roadblocks that have been holding you back.


Burned: How Business Owners Can Overcome Burnout and FUEL Success

You can’t have a comeback without a setback. In my book, Burned, I reveal the step-by-step process entrepreneurs and business owners can follow to overcome, prevent, and leverage burnout – WITHOUT taking a vacation or slowing down in business.


Beyond Stressed? Free Assessment

Take this 8-question assessment to help you determine if you’re carrying a manageable level of stress, or if it’s something more. It only takes 3 minutes, and you’ll see your results immediately.

Hi! I’m Julie Bee

I’m a business strategist, burnout expert, author, and speaker. I’ve successfully launched two companies and have helped many other entrepreneurs launch their own initiatives. I’m a walking resource of entrepreneurial information.

Before becoming a business strategist and author, I ran a successful digital marketing agency for 15 years. I experienced the highs and lows of business ownership firsthand and have lived to tell the tales. From burnout to buy-out, people to process – I’ve done it. I’m also a CPA (that’s another story).

I’ve made many media appearances on a variety of topics.

I’m an open book and share just about everything I can about my own journey. I’ve figured out how to prevent burnout as a business owner and achieve success – and I want to help you do the same.

I help entrepreneurs prevent
burnout and fuel success.

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