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Biggest Podcast Takeaways Pt. 1

Julie is starting a three-episode series where she breaks down her biggest takeaways from each interview she did this year for this podcast.



In these final episodes of 2022,  Julie is starting a three-episode series where she breaks down her biggest takeaways from each interview she did this year for this podcast. She’s had some great guests on the show this year and over the next three episodes, she’ll reflect on her biggest takeaway from each. So let’s get right into these pearls of wisdom from other business owners!


[00:00:00] In this final episode of 2022, I’m starting a three episode series where I break down my biggest takeaways from each interview I did this year for this podcast. I’m Julie B, and they don’t teach this, and business school. Every business owner needs a support network. When asked, most business owners will reference their support network as what gets them through.

Times. There are three characteristics to consider when documenting who is in your support network, and Julie has a free guide to help walk you through each of them. Download your free copy now@thejulieb.com. Hey there, this is Julie B and you’re listening to, they Don’t Teach This in Business School. I’m so glad to have you with me.

I’ve had some great guests on the show this year, and over the next three episodes I’ll reflect on my biggest takeaways from each. So let’s get right into these pearls of wisdom from other business owners. [00:01:00] From Travis Ross Back’s interview, the AHA moment for me was when he said It’s not Seal Team five plus one.

It’s Seal Team six. The leader is still part of the team. For reference Seal Team six is considered the most elite military unit here in America. Even though there is a leader on Seal Team six, when they are executing missions, that leader is also a crucial part of mission execution. There is no pedestal.

The leader stands on over the other five. They all work in the trenches together to accomplish their mission. The lesson from this that I’m taking into 2023 with me is that I’m a leader and I’m not alone. I have a team and just like I rely on them for work, they rely equally on me to do my part in order to succeed.

Moving on to Megan Lynch’s interview. This is where I heard firsthand how important [00:02:00] culture and core values are to the bottom line. It’s okay to change your culture and core values. Sometimes it’s what saves your business as Megan taught us in this interview. In 2022, we redid our core values for my overall brand.

And I think when we reflect back on those changes, we’ll see how important it was to the entire business in 2023, I’m going to increase my efforts to keep my brand’s core values and our vision top of mind for the entire team. We will talk more about it in all decisions and every decision we make is going to tie back to those crucial elements of our culture.

In Frank Schwartz’s interview, we all learned how insidious, sneaky and silent burnout can be for business owners. Frank shared a gut wrenching story about how he spent most evenings for a year and a half sitting in his truck, screaming, crying, [00:03:00] or just staring out the window because he didn’t know what to do.

When he finally figured out it wasn’t his business that was broken. that it was him who was actually broken. That’s when things started to turn around for him. For me, Frank’s interview was especially moving because he gave us a behind the scenes look at the despair many business owners can feel. In 2023, I’m going to do more personal work to separate my emotions about my business from my personal feelings of self-worth, and help other business owners do the.

Another great interview this year was with Angie Stegal. Angie has been a guide and coach to me for years, and there are so many lessons and nuggets from her interview. One that stood out for me though is what Angie said she would teach in business school. She said she would teach students how to ask better questions.

in 2023. I’m working on my listening skills. I have started working on this already and will continue to do so next [00:04:00] year. I’m asking more questions and conversations than I am responding to statements. I’m genuinely curious about other people and their experiences, but sometimes I think like a lot of us, I have a tendency to give opinions instead of asking more questions to help me truly understand them.

So next. I just wanna ask more questions. And finally, my interview with William McKee was a real delight. William’s favorite part of being a business owner is seeing people and companies reach their potential and also being a part of helping them get there. In 2023, I wanna focus on watching the journey of others in celebrating theirs.

From family members to employees to clients. I often see them achieve goals, but I don’t revel in their journey. I want to work on appreciating their journey and growth to achieving their goal, not just the goal achievement itself. So there you have it, folks. Five [00:05:00] interviews. My major takeaways from each and how that will impact my action and behavior in the new.

This is the final episode of 2022, and I truly wish you all a happy holiday season. I’ll be back on Monday, January 2nd with the first episode of 2023. I’m Julie B and they don’t teach this in business school.