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Travis Rosbach: Hydroflask Founder on Overcoming Distractions

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In this episode, Julie interviews Travis Rosbach, the founder of Hydro Flask and the Tumalo Group. The Hydro Flask water bottle (Travis’ brainchild) is a double-wall vacuum insulated bottle that replaces single-use plastic. Now a household name, the brand’s rally cry continues to encourage people to make a difference for the planet. During their conversation, you’ll hear Julie and Travis discuss the way business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with getting items “off their plate”, and how to keep them off. Travis also shares with us the importance of working on high-impact opportunities and ways of getting past your distractors.

Org Charts – Working with the People Who Fill Them

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Business schools teach what organization charts are, how they are used, the different types, and how to fill them out. But you know what business owners can only learn through experience – how to communicate and work with the people who fill the org chart. In this episode, Julie shares some resources to help the top of the org chart (that’s you, business owner) better communicate with the people who fill them.

Self-Leadership: The Hard Decisions We’re Proud We Made

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In this episode, Julie shares some of the hard decisions she’s proud of making over the past few years. In her journey of self-leadership, Julie recognized she needed to redefine her core values. She shares the process with you, so that you can make sure you’re making values-aligned decisions throughout your life – which is a hallmark of excellent self-leadership.

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