May 2022

Purposely Building a Support Network

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In this episode, Julie shares the importance of building a network of support. She describes the three kinds of people she needs in her network in order to feel supported as a business owner. While her formula may not work for every business owner, the importance of intentionally building a professional network that supports you is cannot be overstated.

Frank Schwartz: Epic Burnout & the Comeback

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This week, Julie has a conversation with the founder and owner of G3L Leadership, Frank Schwartz. Frank gets vulnerable and shares a very personal burnout story. On the outside, looked like he was killing it. But for about 18 months he was ritualistically driving his truck out to a desolate field to cry or scream. He was the kind of tired that sleep can’t fix. Learn how Frank’s team helped pull him out of this dark space and how they help him define success today.

Core Values Update – First Draft is Done!

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In this episode, Julie shares an update on her journey of self-leadership. The first step in self-leadership is defining, or redefining, your core values. In this episode, Julie shares her work going through step three on her path of redefining her own core values, which results in her initial list of core values.

Meghan Lynch: Core Values and Micromanaged Misery

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In this installment, Julie has a conversation with Meghan Lynch, CEO of Six Point Creative, an organization formed by brand strategists who are fluent in business strategy as well as marketing strategy and project managers who understand the importance of speed, flexibility, and creative problem-solving. During her journey, Meghan went from working for FedEx to working for Family Businesses because her core values aligned with community, culture, legacy, people. She knew she had reached burnout point – when she wasn’t able to delegate, had created a culture of not feeling safe and was in what Julie summarizes as, “MICROMANAGED MISERY”.

Urgent vs Important

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Quite often, business owners get caught up between urgent and important items. Some even have difficulty distinguishing between the two. In this episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School, Julie offers a few questions that will help guide you along. She’ll ask you to give thought to why you’re always the one putting out fires and encourages you into reviewing your standard operating procedures to see if they’re the root cause.

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