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Talk to Your Competitors and Peers

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One thing Julie learned in business school is the importance of protecting your intellectual property and proprietary knowledge and systems. There's a flip side to that though, that she didn't learn; the importance of talking with your competitors and industry peers. In this week’s episode, Julie helps you learn the value and benefits of mutual sharing of knowledge and insights. Undeniably, it's important to protect your secret recipe for success and this is a skill that she learned over time however, communication with competitors and peers can help you quickly determine if what you're experiencing in business is similar to what others in your industry are experiencing.

Core Values Update – Asking Others for Help

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In this, the third part of the series, Julie talks about simply asking for help from colleagues, friends and peers. Send them the list and ask for feedback. Make sure to listen throughout the episode for a deeper dive and more details as you travel along with Julie on her process of redefining her core values.

Angie Stegall: Listen to Those Whispers

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As an award-winning, published author, Angie Stegall helps business owners and entrepreneurs find their way through the struggles and chaos of corporate life. Angie earned a BA in Organizational Communications from the Queens University of Charlotte. She’s a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and incorporates nature-based coaching into her work with clients. During her conversation with Julie, Angie talks about a life-changing sabbatical, listening to the whisper telling her she had to do something different. She also shares with Julie what happens if you ignore the whisper. Angie also shares the one thing students should learn in business school to help navigate the waters of business leadership and how she defines success.

No But in DEI

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They Don’t Teach This in Business School is a podcast where our award-winning host, Julie Bee discusses the behind-the-scenes realities of being a business owner. As a part of each episode, she talks about lessons learned on the business owner's journey, that only experience can teach. As a proud, gay woman, Pride Month is a special time of year for Julie and a way of celebrating, in this episode, she shares her thoughts on people and organizations saying they support diversity and inclusion, but . . .

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