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Jenny Moates: Chief Possibilities Officer

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During this week’s episode, Julie sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Jenny Moates, founder of Moving Ideas, a lean, strategic marketing, and graphic design agency, focused on brand communications. Jenny has a unique title in the organization, Chief Possibilities Officer and her business partner fills the role of Chief Reality Officer, and they essentially keep each other in check on the regular. Jenny can sometimes be in the clouds and her partner is very much rooted in reality, which makes them a good combination for each other. During their conversation, Jenny shares with Julie her proudest moment as a business owner and it involves losing a client. You’ll certainly want to listen throughout the episode for the details.

Balancing Confidence and Humility

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Early on in Julie’s business career, she would pretend she had all the answers, even if she didn't. That was neither confidence nor courage. That was arrogance and it bit her in the behind enough times for her to learn the subtle art of being able to say, “I don't know”.  Listen in to learn how Julie found confidence in herself and earned the confidence of others. In this week’s episode, Julie continues to share her personal journey with you and explain the delicate balance of both confidence, and humility.  This is one more critical item business owners and entrepreneurs learn that only experience can teach.

William McKee talks Delegation and Duplication

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They Don’t Teach This in Business School is a podcast where our award-winning host, Julie Bee discusses the behind-the-scenes realities of being a business owner. As a part of each episode, she talks about lessons learned on the business owner journey, that only experience can teach and this week, Julie has a conversation with William McKee, Founder and a Managing Partner at Knowmad Digital Marketing. William founded Knowmad to pursue his passion of helping clients to use the web and digital technologies more effectively. In today’s business climate, digital marketing is it is constantly changing and it's always about figuring out what that next space is to move into or how to go about moving into that space. William’s primary role at Knowmad is around sales and ensuring that they’re bringing in the revenue to support the ever-growing team and evolving team. One of the most important items William would recommend business schools teach their students is how important it is for leaders to groom and mold employees to be the best of their ability.

Independence Day Reflections as an American Business Owner

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As Julie and the rest of the United States celebrates Independence Day, she takes a moment to reflect on the freedoms our country offers and some of those specifically for business owners. Freedom as a business owner doesn’t always mean you get to work where and whenever you want to but, it does require an equally high level of discretion and discernment in the choices you make each day. In this week’s episode, Julie invests a few minutes with you to reflect on that discretion and discernment, as well as the hard work, determination, and resilience it takes each day as a business owner, and that is something you likely aren’t taught in business school.

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