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Sergio Castello: Realities of Business Ownership

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In this week’s show, Julie went straight to the source for what they do (and of course) don’t teach in business school. She’s joined by the Dean of Wingate University’s, Porter B. Byrum School of Business, Dr. Sergio Castello, Ph.D. During the episode and conversation, Dr. Castello and Julie talk about the daily life of a business school student, how a business school’s curriculum can have an impact on a student’s future career as an entrepreneur, and, the one thing he’d like to see incorporated in education that would really help future business owners.

Right Side Up

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Sometimes business owners get into a swirl and a spin. There are many decisions to be made. Many lives that could be impacted by those decisions. In this episode, Julie shares a story about being in that overwhelmed space, and how her key employee said one sentence that helped pull Julie out of it. In this reflective podcast, Julie also shares how important these statements are to being a leader of leaders.

Trish Saemann: Defining Flexibility and Success

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Heads up . . . go ahead and take out your legal pad and #2 pencil, your iPad, or whatever method you use to take notes because late in the episode, you’ll hear Julie confess to taking NINE PAGES of notes during this week’s show! Today, Julie has an awesomely inspiring conversation with Trish Saemann, Co-Founder of search engine marketing agency, GoBeyond SEO. During this installment, Julie and Trish share with one another how they define flexibility and success and, how Trish has learned to trust in her gut instinct.

Core Values Reveal

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Over the past several months, you’ve been traveling with Julie on her journey to redefine her core values and she's super excited to be reaching her destination and share these values with you. Throughout this episode, Julie reminds you how and why it’s important to have a set of core values and, how equally important it is to revisit them periodically. She talks about her previous set, mentions a few that have dropped off the list, and announces her new, updated list of core values and why she chose them.

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