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When Saying No is Difficult

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Saying no to something or someone is rarely as straightforward as leaders and business owners would like. Whether it’s something you want to say yes to but cannot, or if you’re saying no to someone who makes you feel guilty for saying no – it isn’t easy. In this episode, Julie shares four scenarios when saying no is a challenge and offers a few ways to say no in each scenario.

Mercedes Austin: Guiding Problems and Micro-Actions

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In this episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School, Julie interviews Mercedes Austin founder of Mercury Mosaics and the artist at Mercedes Austin Art. Going strong for over 20 years, Mercedes has been making handmade tile in Minneapolis and recently expanded a sister location in Wadena, Minnesota. During this episode Mercedes and Julie discuss transparent leadership and the importance of connecting with a community of entrepreneurs.

How I Started Podcasting

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Over the past few years, Julie has been asked more than once, how she began her podcasting journey. Well, it’s a two-part story that teaches us three lessons: Be open to ideas and support from others Let your experts be experts Trust your gut Now that we’ve shared with you the three lessons, take a listen to this week’s episode to hear the fun story that led Julie down her award-winning podcast journey.

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