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Michelle O’Connor: Growth Mode, Burnout, and Core Values

By |2023-01-26T14:24:03+00:0012/12/22|Conversations with Business Owners, TDTT Podcasts|

In this week’s episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School Michelle O’Connor of O’Connor Insurance Associates speaks with Julie about constant growth mode, burnout, and core values. Michelle started her business in 2000 and has been in growth mode ever since. Listen in to find out which core value is Michelle’s favorite and how she instills core values in her day-to-day business. Julie and Michelle also chat about the importance of setting boundaries at work and one surprising way to prevent burnout.

Making Space Isn’t Always Making Time

By |2023-01-26T14:20:13+00:0012/05/22|Julie Solo Episodes, TDTT Podcasts|

Making space to work on those big-picture, strategic initiatives is not only about time. You can make space without changing your calendar. In this episode, Julie shares ways to make space for those strategic items without having to rearrange your entire calendar. Discover ideas around making both physical space and energy space that can facilitate that strategic work that’s often pushed aside.

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