My Accountability Partners

Over the years, I’ve had several accountability partners in business ownership. Someone to hold me accountable for making progress in my companies. Sometimes they were paid, like business coaches or mastermind groups. Other times, it was a close, trusted friend. While each option had its pros and cons, there is no denying that it worked for me.

There’s something about knowing someone else expects you to make progress in various initiatives that motivates me to act. To take the next step, no matter the uncertainty. Because accountability partners have been effective for me in the past, I asked for insights from other business owners.

Vulnerability and Peak Capacity

accountability partners waters success

Jackson Calame, CEO of First Class Business is an advocate for accountability partners. Calame says, “You don’t get to where you perform at peak capacity without people who are there to support you in becoming your best self.” That’s where accountability partners have helped him. Calame suggests entrepreneurs be vulnerable enough around their accountability partners so that they can make the most of the advice and wisdom offered.

Pros and Cons of Accountability Partners

Danny Browne of Found at One says, “I used an accountability partner when I was first setting up my business. She helped me focus on one task at a time and introduced me to Parkinson’s Law and other productivity apps.” Browne felt like this initial investment in himself and his business was worth it, but he had some thoughts on the pros and cons.

Browne said, “The pros are that it’s great to talk to someone because being an entrepreneur can be really lonely. It’s motivating to talk to another business person who knows your struggle. I’d say the cons are that it costs a little bit of money. But, in most cases, you’ll get it back [your investment] through how productive you are. As a small business owner, it was challenging to find the time [to commit].”

My thoughts on the cost of an accountability partner are this – if you can find another business owner who is willing to roll up their sleeves with you for free, great. Otherwise, it’s probably worth the investment. If you cannot afford one on one accountability partners in business, a group program may be a better fit.

It’s Always an Investment

The decision to seek an accountability partner for your business initiatives comes down to what you want to accomplish and what you’re willing to invest (time and money) to accomplish it. Plenty of business owners are disciplined enough not to need an accountability partner, but many struggle without one. Even if you are one of the lucky ones with discipline in spades, you may find you accomplish your goal more quickly when you have an accountability partner.

Accountability Partners + Momentum = Growth

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