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We Need Allies

Julie humbly asks you to support her vision of helping one million business owners by 2032.



In this episode, Julie humbly asks you to support her vision of helping one million business owners by 2032. We need allies. We need financial support to continue producing this content. Please consider being an ally and support this vision of helping business owners. Tune in for why this is so important.


Hey there, this is Julie Bee, and you’re listening to They Don’t Teach THIS in Business School. I’m so glad to have you with us today/thanks for being here with me today. 

I am making an ask to you in this episode today.  I am straight-up asking for your financial support to help me and my team towards our vision to help one million business owners by 2032. 

I am asking you to be an ally to this vision. 

If you sign up on my Buy Me a Coffee page, for as little as $5/month, you can have a part in helping those one million business owners. How awesome is that? Over the next 10 years you will be able to see what we are doing here, and you will say, “I supported that vision. I helped Julie and her team get there. I helped those business owners, too.”

You may wonder how we define that help for business owners. Right now, we are still defining that, too. But I do know it is through podcast episodes, through a scholarship program for aspiring entrepreneurs, me speaking to organizations that support small business owners, video creation, program creation, and through other outreach efforts.  

Yes, some of the financial support will go into my paycheck, at least initially while I am still building my consulting/coaching/speaking gigs. But most of it will go towards paying for costs to produce all of this content, and for me to travel and get in front of more business owners seeking help. 

Why is this important? Why am I asking you to be an ally in this vision? I believe business owners are the ones who are going to step up and lead the change we all want to see. Business owners employ close to half the workforce in America. We also create around 70% of the new jobs that are offered. Business owners really are the backbone of the economy. I believe in the American Dream. I think it’s changed some, but I still believe in it. 

That why I’ve set the vision to help one million business owners by 2032. And that’s why I’m asking you for help. As a business owner, and as a leader, it is my job to directly ask for what I need. 

I am asking you to sign up and become a monthly supporter over on buy me a coffee. Membership levels start at $5/month, and there are several options.

For $5 or $15/month, you can simply show support. You’re supporting the content production and the vision mentioned previously. 

For $25/month, you and/or your business will get a mention in the podcast show notes once a month – along with supporting the vision. 

For $50/month, you and/or your business will be mentioned in one of my weekly emails each month. 

For $100/month, you get all the mentions each month – one in the podcast show notes, one in an email, and one in the notes of my weekly YouTube video. 

Finally, for $300/month, you get to join a monthly, virtual meeting, a mastermind-style meeting with up to 10 other business owner bad-asses. At this level you also get all the mentions. 

Listen, I know this is an ask. I know it’s a hard time in the world right now. But I also know that many of you want to support me, but aren’t yet ready for the coaching or consulting services I offer. I totally get it. 

And if you’ve gotten anything out of my podcast episodes, social media content, blogs, emails, or videos, I’m asking you to be an ally  in this moment and consider supporting my vision financially, through the Buy me a coffee website. 

I’ll leave the link in the show notes. It’s easy to create an account. 

I’m not only a content creator asking for support. I’m a leader asking you to be an ally and support the vision of helping one million business owners by 2032.  

I’m Julie Bee, and They Don’t Teach THIS in Business School