In Episode 3 of the Lead from Anywhere podcast…

I share my insights on being a leader during times of uncertainty. Originally published in March of 2020, when the seriousness of Covid19 was just emerging, we needed leaders to emerge. Leading a team of people during uncertain times takes compassion and empathy. My best advice to leaders during any crisis is to be the leader you wish you had – the leader you’d want to follow.

Leadership Podcast Episode – Push Play!

How to Be the Leader You Wish You Had

When you are a leader who is leading through a crisis, here are a few practices that may help you lead more effectively:

  • Recognize your influence. As a leader, you have influence. Those you lead look to you for cues on how to act in certain situations. If you are acting in rational and logical ways, they will do the same. If you are anxious and fearful, they will also be. Keep that in mind – during a crisis, your people watch you more closely than they do at any other time.
  • Have a plan. During a crisis, those you lead likely want to see that you have a plan, and are approaching that plan in a calm way. The most important thing here is to be honest about the plan. If furloughs and layoffs may happen, explain that process in a way that they know where they stand. Share with them your plans to do everything you can to keep layoffs and furloughs at bay.
  • Don’t sugarcoat. Your people want you to be honest and transparent about the crisis. Be up front with them about the potential negative impacts of the crisis, but also share your plans to minimize it.

Remote Leadership Golden Rule

You can lead from anywhere and become a leader your people admire, trust, and respect if you adhere to this one golden rule.

Act in a way that shows you care about your people. 

I a crisis, an economic boom, through big changes, and on a normal Tuesday morning – THAT action is one way to be the leader you wish you had.