BEE Awesome Brief: Enjoy the ride.

sent by Julie Bee   |  April 25, 2023

Yesterday was my birthday; I’m enjoying the ride, no matter where it takes me.

Big Ideabirthday cake with candles

Yesterday was my birthday. I reflected on all that has changed over the past month at work. A long-time employee resigned. Several new people have stepped up to step in. I’ve made the move from marketing for other brands to building a media empire for my personal brand. I’m coaching key employees, which offers business owners leadership backup. I’ve found I have a knack for holding business owners accountable for taking the next step in their own journeys. Entrepreneurs are raising their hands to support these leaps I keep taking. And honestly? While scary at times, I’m relishing this journey. This thought inspired this week’s big idea: success is in the journey, not the destination.

Easy Action

Each day, celebrate the steps you take towards the big goal. My big goal is to help one million business owners by 2032. I’m celebrating each step to get there – each blog, each conversation, each podcast, and each client helped. Every one of those is an important step on this journey. Never miss a chance to be grateful and celebrate the wins.

Elevate Your Business

If you start to believe that success comes from the pursuit of a goal or achievement, you have a chance to be successful every day. If you feel successful every day, your team will begin to feel it, too. You’ll all be more productive. You’ll also have more fun on the journey. This elevates your business because people will be excited about work, and you will be excited about each day. Eventually, with that passion and effort, you’ll reach your goals. Appreciating the journey to get there, though, is what makes achieving your goals truly special.

Awesome Around Us

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!