BEE Awesome Brief: One Great Thing About Burnout

sent by Julie Bee   |   March 2, 2023

I ask almost every business owner I interview about burnout. Sharai Lavoie’s answer was pure brilliance.

Big Ideasharai lavoie

I interviewed Sharai Lavoie a few weeks ago, and we talked in depth about burnout. She dropped some wisdom about addressing burnout that a lot of business owners feel but often won’t say. When Sharai is burned out, she has to work her way through the problems causing it before she can focus on personally recovering from the burnout. We talked in depth about this process, and that conversation inspired this week’s big idea. Burnout can push us to the next level in our businesses if we know how to respond to it.

Easy Action

Decide how you will respond to your next burnout now before it happens. Sharai works on the issue until it’s resolved, and then she takes a break. I increase my meditation, thinking, and writing time to help me work through the issues. You won’t have all the answers, but there are probably one or two actions you can plan to take when burnout shows up again.

Elevate Your Business

By knowing what you’ll do the next time you’re burned out, you’ll already have your plan to address it. This elevates your business because you’ll have the foundation for a plan that will enable you to move through your burnout more efficiently. This will give you more space to leverage your burnout in a way that elevates your business.

Awesome Around Us

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!