BEE Awesome Brief: “That flexibility comes with handcuffs.”

sent by Julie Bee   |   January 12, 2023

Big Idea

A few months ago, I interviewed Cassmer Ward, and he said something profound that continues to haunt me. “That [entrepreneur’s] flexibility comes with handcuffs.” You can listen to or read the episode here, but that statement has stuck with me.  It’s only the second week of 2023. I do have quite a bit of flexibility in my schedule, AND I’m already feeling handcuffed. I’m guessing some of you are feeling this as well. 

Easy Action

One action you can take to loosen those handcuffs is to review your calendar for the next two weeks and reschedule ONE work meeting or task for a later time.  Just one thing. Something that makes those handcuffs feel tighter – that is the thing to reschedule. THIS will remind you that you do have flexibility. If your response to this is, “Julie, I feel like I need to reschedule my entire week, not just one thing,” let’s talk. I promise that 15 minutes will help you find flexibility.

Elevate Your Business

When we give ourselves permission to reschedule, to exercise our flexibility, we grow our prioritization muscles. Priorities evolve as we grow our companies, and rescheduling is one way to help us reprioritize. When you reschedule that one thing, fill it with something important to you that reminds you of your flexibility. It may be working on that strategic plan or going for a hike. No matter what, put something in its place that feels more like flexibility and less like handcuffs.

Those two activities – reprioritizing and exercising your flexibility muscles – will open up pathways to elevating your business.

Awesome Around Us

There’s some epic awesomeness going on all around the business community. Take a look:

  • Croixstone Consulting, a boutique human capital consulting firm, made the Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 list. This list celebrates the fastest-growing companies in the Charlotte, NC area.
  • Lena Lumelsky of Woland Web was recently on the Business Legends podcast.
  • “You have to show up before inspiration will.” This quote is from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.  I think it’s an awesome reminder about the ebb and flow of inspiration (and perspiration).

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!