BEE Awesome Brief: Reflect to Grow

sent by Julie Bee   |   February 7, 2023

Every day is an opportunity to grow.

Big IdeaEpisode 31 Image

I interviewed Brandon Crumpton on my podcast last year, and he said something that stuck with me. Brandon said, “Every day is a new day. Every day, it’s you versus you.” That inspired this week’s big idea: reflecting on today is how you improve tomorrow. We often wait for the end of a week, month, quarter, or year to reflect, but what if we took a few minutes to reflect on every day?

Easy Action

At the end of today, take a moment to reflect on your actions. Is there one important task that, if you improved on tomorrow, could help grow your business? If you’re struggling to identify an area for improvement, look in the areas of strategy, leadership, and business development. Write down one action in one of those areas where you could improve your performance tomorrow. Do this for one week.

Elevate Your Business

If you do just one thing better tomorrow than you did today, in one of those categories mentioned, you will elevate your business. In my experience, daily improvements in our habits tend to stick. Lasting success comes from what you accomplish today AND from looking for ways to improve tomorrow.

Awesome Around Us

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!