BEE Awesome Brief: Perspective and Mindset

sent by Julie Bee   |   February 23, 2023

I love a good laugh, even if I’m laughing at myself. It turns out that can protect our mindset!

Big Idea

I interviewed Emily Green a few weeks agoemily green, and she says she uses humor to stay positive as a business owner. Laughing your way through challenging situations, like being ghosted by a prospective client, can help us have perspective. This leads to this week’s big idea: perspective protects our mental and emotional health as entrepreneurs.

Easy Action

Name one time in business when you were stressed or worried about something, but looking back, it all worked out. With that perspective, you see that you took that time too seriously. 

Elevate Your Business

Change your approach the next time a stressful problem pops up at work. Take a step back to gain some perspective before you react or engage. There are some genuinely stress-worthy moments, but not all of them are. Ask yourself if the problem warrants that level of concern. It may or may not.

If the situation calls for a stress response, you’ll be more focused and possibly solve it sooner because of the pause you took at the start. If it doesn’t warrant a stress-fueled reaction, you will navigate it with greater ease and less concern. You may even laugh your way through it! This elevates your business because you will have gained perspective first instead of just going directly into a response.

Awesome Around Us

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!