BEE Awesome Brief: Your Network is Your Net Worth.

sent by Julie Bee   |   March 14, 2023

Channel your inner Mr. Rodgers to get the most out of networking for your business.

Big Idea

steve rosenbergI was inspired by Steve Rosenberg a few weeks ago.  When I interviewed him, he reminded me of the importance of networking. When I first became an entrepreneur, I attended a lot of networking events. I made many cherished connections, but at some point, I stopped. I was tired and burned out, then Covid arrived. Now it’s 2023, and I’m still on the bench.  Steve’s reminder of the power of networking stirred this week’s big idea: network with one agenda – to connect.

Easy Action

Networking isn’t about selling; it’s about connecting. Connecting with others for yourself is good. Making valuable connections between two individuals is even better. This week’s action is really easy – think about your network and two people you’d like to connect with each other. Not for one to sell to the other, but to simply connect them around a common interest or mission.  Then, make that connection via email.

Elevate Your Business

Those individuals you connect to each other will remember that you took the time to make that connection. Over time, connecting others elevates your business because you become THE person to know. When you’re the person to know, you will have a lot of inbound networking opportunities, and you won’t necessarily need to go to networking events. This elevates your business because you’ll have your pick of one-to-one and group networking opportunities. It saves you time, helps others connect, and elevates awareness of you and what your company provides. That’s a win-win-win.

Awesome Around Us

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