BEE Awesome Brief: With grit and determination.

sent by Julie Bee   |   May 11, 2023

Entrepreneurs and business owners need support, and I’m on a mission to support one million.

Big Idea

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I am taking a big leap this year. I believe that individuals who have the determination and resilience to pursue entrepreneurship as their career deserve a shot at success so that they can leave a positive impact on their local communities. I’m on a mission to help one million business owners achieve their definition of success by 2032. I need your help in this, which inspired this week’s big idea: support and help come in many forms that extend beyond money.

Easy Action

How do you support other business owners in your community? Purchasing their services and products is helpful to the business owner, but there are many ways to help them for free. Share their social media posts with your followers; sign up for their email newsletter; download their podcast; email the business owner directly when you notice they do something you like. Reach out to those who seem like they could use some extra support. Leave a positive review of their business online. Make an introduction. The easy action for you this week is to do one of those non-monetary support actions for another business owner you want to help succeed.

Elevate Your Business

When you help elevate others, you elevate yourself – as long as you do so without expecting reciprocity. You become known as an ally, a supporter, and a great connection. Those elements help elevate your business because, eventually, paying it forward pays you back.

Awesome Around Us

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!