BEE Awesome Brief: The Leadership Impact of Words

sent by Julie Bee   |   January 25, 2023

From a word of the year to a one-word vision in college football, the impact of a leader’s words is undeniable.

Big Idea

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As leaders, the words we say to ourselves and to our teams matter. Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs won a national championship because they rallied around a one-word vision. And just when we grow weary of repeating a message to our teams, that is when it starts to sink in for them. If you want an effective leadership message to stick and have an impact, keep it short and sweet, and repeat it until you are tired of saying it. Check out this video for more on this idea.

Easy Action

What is one word you can say to yourself daily that will inspire you to achieve your goals? What is one word or sentence you can say to your team that will keep them focused on your company’s vision? If you need some ideas, I recently polled other entrepreneurs and their words of the year were inspiring. Write down your chosen words and repeat them as often as you can.

Elevate Your Business

As business owners, we have a lot of plates spinning at all times. A one-word mantra for yourself, and a one-sentence statement for your team, will help you all block out the noise and false fires that appear daily. You give them meaning and conviction by repeating these words to yourself and your team. All of this helps everyone stay focused on the bigger vision and mission. This small practice, over time, can have a high ROI for you and your business.

Awesome Around Us

Milestones are reached every day!

Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!