BEE Awesome Brief: You Can’t Plan for Everything

sent by Julie Bee   |   February 16, 2023

Have a vision while also maintaining flexibility and adaptability.

Big Ideadebbie peterson they don't teach this in business school

I recently interviewed Debbie Peterson on my podcast, They Don’t Teach This in Business School. One discussion really caught my attention. She gave the advice not to ignore the signs that something needs to change, even if it deviates from your vision. Business owners, myself included, can become extremely committed to a vision and refuse to admit that something isn’t working with it. This inspired this week’s big idea: what plan do you continue to implement, even though some signs show it is not working?

Easy Action

Identify one goal or task you’ve tried to accomplish with multiple approaches, and it never seems to work. It could be hiring staff, business development tactics, or a process you’ve tweaked endlessly to no avail.

Elevate Your Business

Evaluate and examine the parts of that task or goal and how you approach it. Is it time to change the tactics? Is it time to change the plan? Disassemble the pieces of it. Is there part of the process that needs to change, or does the entire process need to go out the window? Once go through this, you will find a new path forward. If that new path works, great! It may be time to move onto a new initiative or redefine the vision if it doesn’t. Either way, you will elevate your business because you will have found something that works, or you’ll stop wasting time on something that doesn’t.

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Thanks for reading – I’ll catch you next week!