“I met Julie while going through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. Julie was in my group of eight and from day one she stepped up as the leader of our group. Julie always made sure that we were on task and if there was ever a question Julie was not afraid to ask it to make sure we stayed focused on the end goal. After we all finished the program Julie suggested that we meet monthly to hold each other accountable for our goals. In one of the meetings, I mentioned I was struggling to recruit employees with my Indeed ad. Julie suggested I send out the ad to the group members and let them critique it. After listening to Julie and the other members’ suggestions I went from getting 25 hits on my ad to over 125 hits! As my business has continued to grow, I have continued to use that ad and have been very successful with recruiting employees.

Unfortunately, the group dwindled down to three people but that did not stop Julie. Julie pivoted and suggested starting a mastermind’s group with some of the other Goldman Sachs alumni that were not in our small group. Julie has gone above and beyond for our mastermind’s group to ensure that we meet monthly, and she constantly suggests new topics to discuss to keep everyone’s interest. I truly look forward to our monthly meetings and Julie helps push all of us to think outside the box. I appreciate Julie for asking the “hard” questions that I don’t always want to hear, but at the end of the day they help push me to be a better business owner/employer. I am truly grateful for Julie’s time, energy, thoughtfulness and leadership to help guide our group to becoming the leaders and business owners we desire to be!”

Laura Holt, President, Shamrock’s Discount Janitor Supply (New Mexico)