Why I recommend Julie Bee:

“I initially set out to find a digital marketing strategy and implementation partner to help the launch of a new digital initiative.

I first interviewed a woman in California who I had worked with and had found her to be extremely effective in execution of my digital marketing strategies for my past consulting practice. In that conversation, I was able to clarify for myself what was most important in a partner now, and surprisingly, this woman, who had recently been certified as a Digital Marketing Master, did not check the box on any of my ‘must haves’ for my project.

Next, I called Julie Bee. I had one of those hit-yourself-on-the-forehead-moments for not thinking to call her first, especially since we had crossed paths again in 2020 where she shared that she had a reignited direction for her role in her own business with a focus on strategy. We communicated back and forth about her services and my project, and after she learned a bit more, she recommended we just stop, take a time out for her to provide 2 hours of consulting, as it wasn’t clear to her that hiring a digital marketing partner was my next right move.

With Julie’s suggestions for tasks to complete and referrals for some needed resources (which has been a wonderful experience), I was able to get us ready to launch (my 2nd business) – for realsies. More, we discovered together that I needed to just launch the initiative on my own, without hiring her team right now, taking time to learn over the course of the next eleven weeks about who was resonating with our message and service, and make needed adjustments as we learn.

In essence, Julie consulted herself and her business out of a $2,000 – $3,000 Digital Marketing Strategy engagement, and an ongoing implementation service contract of $500 or more per month – by serving me with exactly what I needed most.

Obviously, this won’t be the outcome for everyone that Julie takes a consulting engagement with, but if my essential elements – must haves – in a partner are important to you, I found that Julie is the only one I could have hired to bring me to this critical point in my project. Here are my three must haves:

Julie has out-of-the-system-thinking. I am breaking through with an offering/service that does not exist currently. I am a first mover as my entrepreneurial community likes to call it. To say that I am skating to where the puck is going to be is an understatement because the world and all of us in it are in a perpetual state of change (evolving) due to the events of our recent past in 2020 to present day. Julie comfortably worked with me within the over-riding ‘uncertainty’ of the environment and state of things that we (my business) address with our offering/service. This is multiples more effective than out-of-the-box-thinking most consultants and strategists claim and so needed for the times we are in.

Julie’s energy is aligned for collaboration, which enabled us to build ideas and create actionable outcomes together. In my case, this is where I value Julie most – I am breaking through with a new-to-the-world service and the message alignment with our audience is razor’s-edge important. There was no tension, friction to do it this way or that way – and because of this you can trust that Julie is a straight-shooter.

Julie has HeartBrain Intelligence: This is our working term within our offering and Julie has this in spades. She is able to get into the mind and heart of each persona to think and feel like them – she knows what many are experiencing, and she holds ‘them’ in high esteem. Her perspective on this was validating and invaluable to me.

Julie has created this amazing consulting niche for leaders to gain real value on just the issue they need help with. Let these insights guide you to make the next right move.

Don’t overthink it, make Julie Bee your first call!”

Marilyn Lynch Carpenter
Business Owner, Belmont, NC