Consulting Testimonials

“I found that Julie is the only one I could have hired to bring me to this critical point in my project…With Julie’s suggestions for tasks to complete and referrals for some needed resources (wonderful experience), I was able to get us ready to launch (my 2nd business) – for realsies. More, we discovered together that I needed to just launch the initiative on my own…Julie has created this amazing consulting niche for leaders to gain real value on just the issue they need help with. Let these insights guide you to make the next right move. Don’t overthink it, make Julie Bee your first call!” Click here to read full testimonial

Marilyn Lynch Carpenter, Business Owner (North Carolina)

“I have known Julie Bee for more than ten years and I have been impressed with her energy and adaptability in continuing to develop her leadership skills and expand her knowledge of client acquisition using new and everchanging technology and social media. She is very good at analyzing symptoms causing a problem and identifying the true issue to be solved. She has a very direct style of communication which I find easy to understand. She has a good sense of humor and that adds to her ability to defuse complicated discussions and bring her team into agreement. She has been the leader of our women’s business owners’ Mastermind group for the past two years and keeps our group on track and focused. I appreciate her guidance and friendship.”

Debbie Peterson, President, Money Counts, Inc. (North Carolina)

“Julie’s leadership of our 10KSB group has been a breath of fresh air. Julie facilitates a collaborative space while also staying on topic. This winning combination of a sounding board with guard rails is a catalyst to quality business growth!”

Beth DeLaForest, President, Aspire Insurance Group Inc. (Wisconsin)

“Julie creates an inviting and engaging atmosphere in our NAWBO Mastermind Group she leads. She helps our group create a collaborative space where we can each be heard and where everyone participates in sharing suggestions and ideas. Julie understands what it is like to be in a leadership role and her questions and recommendations are thoughtfully geared towards helping each of us reach our full growth potential.”

Michelle O’Connor, President, O’Connor Insurance Associates, Inc. (North Carolina)

“Julie is a true visionary in supporting entrepreneurs in a collaborative space. My engagement with her and our group of leaders has helped me to process challenges facing my team and remove barriers to growth. She is a profoundly caring sounding board that reflects my potential back to me and allows me to see new possibilities and pathways. I cannot overstate my gratitude to her for including me in her mastermind group – it is transformative.

Rebecca Kitson, President, Rebecca Kitson Law (New Mexico)

“I have had the pleasure to get to know Julie over the past year through our National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Mastermind group. Julie does a phenomenal job facilitating our monthly discussions and creating a safe, collaborative and constructive environment in which to support each other, learn together and keep each other accountable. Drawing from her vast experience, Julie has been a great sounding board and is quick to identify potential resources and provide valuable insight and guidance to the group members.”

Patti Weber, CEO, Croixstone Consulting (North Carolina)

“I met Julie while going through the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program…In one of the meetings, I mentioned I was struggling to recruit employees with my Indeed ad…After listening to Julie and the other members’ suggestions, I went from getting 25 hits on my ad to over 125 hits!  As my business has continued to grow, I have continued to use that ad and have been very successful with recruiting employees….I truly look forward to our monthly meetings and Julie helps push all of us to think outside the box.  I appreciate Julie for asking the “hard” questions that I don’t always want to hear, but at the end of the day they help push me to be a better business owner/employer.  I am truly grateful for Julie’s time, energy, thoughtfulness and leadership to help guide our group to becoming the leaders and business owners we desire to be!”

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Laura Holt, President, Shamrock’s Discount Janitor Supply (New Mexico)

“Over the years, I have turned to Julie for advice on multiple business issues, and she has never failed to give me thoughtful and helpful advice. Julie is a leader and an experienced and knowledgeable businesswoman, and I believe that she is a great fit to be a Mastermind Group leader.”

Lena Lumelsky, President, Woland Web (North Carolina)

“I have been a member of a few groups Julie has led, and I always walk away from group meetings with valuable and actionable insights to implement at Double-Cola. Julie’s ability to ask challenging questions while simultaneously honoring the vulnerability of group members is a skill that not many have, but Julie makes it look easy. She is a trusted sounding board who is particularly gifted at creating a collaborative environment that fosters growth. I feel fortunate to have Julie in my network and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.”

Gina Dhanani, COO & Owner, The Double Cola Company (Tennessee)