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Scott McIntosh: Burnout, Not Missing Life & Passion

10/24/22|Tags: , , , |

McIntosh served eight years as an Officer in the United States Navy before moving home to Nashville in 2009 to follow his passion for entrepreneurship. Julie and Scott chat about burnout, not missing life, and the role passion plays in business. Don't miss hearing about Scott's highest-impact activity and what type of class he would teach in business school.

Brandon Crumpton: Looking In The Mirror

10/10/22|Tags: , , , |

In today’s episode, Julie talks with Brandon Crumpton, President of Key Signature Entertainment, about how looking in the mirror will often solve a lot of business problems and how sometimes being too transparent hurts your business. They also chat about a lesson Brandon learned about being too transparent with his employees, team, and clients, and how that’s been a hard lesson to learn.

Mercedes Austin: Guiding Problems and Micro-Actions

09/12/22|Tags: , , |

In this episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School, Julie interviews Mercedes Austin founder of Mercury Mosaics and the artist at Mercedes Austin Art. Going strong for over 20 years, Mercedes has been making handmade tile in Minneapolis and recently expanded a sister location in Wadena, Minnesota. During this episode Mercedes and Julie discuss transparent leadership and the importance of connecting with a community of entrepreneurs.

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