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Steve Rosenberg: Channeling Mister Rodgers

03/08/23|Tags: , , |

In this episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School, Steve Rosenberg of The GSD Group shares valuable business ownership lessons including a memorable story about a #2 pencil. Tune in for great insights into how to work a network and ensure successful follow-up. And don't miss Rosenberg's thoughts on what the OPPOSITE of success is.

Sharai Lavoie: The Visionary and Powering Through Burnout

02/13/23|Tags: , , , , |

On today’s episode, Julie speaks with Sharai Lavoie, founder of Lavoie CPA PLLC. Sharai discusses powering through burnout, the transformation in how she defines success, and the importance of her team. Tune in to also learn what Sharai thinks you, as a business owner, should be comfortable asking for. It's a key piece of advice!

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