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Core Values Update

In this, the third part of the series, Julie talks about simply asking for help from colleagues, friends and peers.



They Don’t Teach This in Business School is a podcast where our award-winning host, Julie Bee discusses the behind-the-scenes realities of being a business owner. As a part of each episode, she talks about lessons learned on the business owner’s journey, that only experience can teach. Over the past few months, Julie has done quite a bit of work on her core values. She realized they had changed, but she wasn’t sure what they were anymore. Julie had some ideas, but she knew it was time for her to go into the process of redefining them.

In a few past episodes, Julie started taking you through the process of redefining her core values and you can get caught up by listening to these two installments:

In this, the third part of the series, Julie talks about simply asking for help from colleagues, friends and peers. Send them the list and ask for feedback. Make sure to listen throughout the episode for a deeper dive and more details as you travel along with Julie on her process of redefining her core values.


These are the people who have been there, done that, and have wisdom that only comes with experience. My mentor challenges me to think differently and asks questions that no one else asks. She also has a BS radar that is so accurate it’s scary. Which is good, because sometimes I can talk myself into or out of something that really needs to be further explored. The mentor helps me stay on my path, because she has, in part, already walked it. She’s made it easier for me. AND she also recognizes I have my own path to walk. She may not be on that same path or plan, but she’s cheering me on as I go.

And finally, the third key role in my support network are people I guide and mentor. These individuals look to me as a mentor for many of the same reasons I just listed about my own. The reason I need these individuals to feel supported is that they help me grow as a leader. They help me appreciate how far I’ve come. They often teach me new things and after talking with them, I often have new insights into my own life that I wouldn’t have had before.

I also believe in paying it forward. I had a lot of people guide me when I was starting out in business – most I’ll never directly repay. Being a mentor is how I honor those who have helped me.