Entrepreneur Mastermind Program

Accelerate your business in four weeks.

What would you like to change in your business in the next four weeks? Make it happen.

  • Frustrated with a lack of progress in your business?
  • Need to make space to work on your business, but never seem to do so?
  • Stuck on an idea?
  • Want to increase revenue?

If you need supportive feedback or dedicated time to work on the initiative, you’ll get both here. Get on the waitlist.

Entrepreneur Mastermind Waitlist

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    Entrepreneur Mastermind Program Details

    My entrepreneur mastermind program is a four-week, virtual, live program. for up to ten business owners and entrepreneurs.

    • We meet once a week for four weeks, on Zoom.
    • Each meeting is 90 minutes.
    • There are up to 10 entrepreneurs in each group.
    • It’s $997 for the entire four-week program.
    • I provide a money-back guarantee. If you attend all four sessions and complete your accountability items in between sessions, and you aren’t satisfied with your outcomes, I’ll refund your investment.
    • There is no fee to join the waitlist.

      How This Program Benefits Your Business

      Here are just a few ways this can benefit your business:

      • Make significant progress on launching a new, or upgrading an existing, initiative in your business.
      • Focused work time and effort on the project or initiative.
      • Access to a small group of entrepreneurs going through the same process.
      • Personal growth.
      • Business growth.
      • Expanded network and new relationships.
      • No more isolation or working in a vacuum.

        Entrepreneur Mastermind Waitlist Details

        I run my mastermind groups on a waitlist-only basis. Once I have enough people on the waitlist, I’ll send out an email with registration details. I’ll also call or text you to let you know a program has opened.

        • There is no cost to join the waitlist.
        • When I announce the opening of a mastermind group, you’ll be in the first group to know.
        • Spots fill up fast; I rarely announce new mastermind groups publicly.

        If you need or want IMMEDIATE help, I recommend signing up for an affordable strategy session with me here.