Free Networking Events for Entrepreneurs

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Rapid Roundtables are one-hour, virtual, live networking events for business owners.

I host these exclusively for my email subscribers. You can sign up below, and you’ll receive an email with upcoming Rapid Roundtables. Simply respond to that email with the dates you can attend, and I’ll add you to the calendar invitation.

    Rapid Roundtable Testimonials

    “That event was awesome and you deserve a ton of credit! Thanks so much for having me and I’ll be coming back. “

    Alec C.

    “It was really great, Julie, thank you so much!”

    Cara H.

    “Today’s roundtable was great! The format flowed really well! I’d love to participate in future roundtables!”

    GiGi S.

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the one last week..”

    Debbie M.

    “Once again I had a great round table and appreciate you as a friend and dynamic colleague.”

    Rocky D.

    Get Your Invitation to the Next Rapid Roundtable

      Rapid Roundtables Structure

      During a Rapid Roundtable, we’ll have a topic we’re discussing (you’ll get that in the email). We meet for one hour via Zoom, and here’s the overall flow for each event:

      • Welcome and instruction – first 10-15 minutes. I’ll welcome you and go over the topic for this Roundtable.
      • Roundtable discussion – next 35 minutes. You’ll be put into breakout rooms of up to five business owners in total. You’ll introduce yourself and then discuss the topic.
      • Wrap-up – final 10-15 minutes. We’ll all come back together for a wrap-up of discussions and closing remarks from me.

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