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Why I help entrepreneurs

I believe anyone who has the determination, perseverance, and grit to pursue entrepreneurship as a career deserves a chance at success.

Entrepreneurs employ almost half of the USA. They make a noticeable impact on their local communities.
They are the backbone of our economy and our country.

However, it’s lonely at the top, it’s easy to burnout, and entrepreneurship is often a thankless role.

Entrepreneurs often put everything on the line for their businesses, and they need more support than they get.

I’m on a mission to support as many entrepreneurs as possible, to help them not only survive but

thrive so that they can continue to make a positive impact on their local, national, and global communities.

Our Mission

Help one million entrepreneurs by 2032 prevent burnout and reach success so that they can continue to have a positive impact on their local communities. Since July 2022, we’ve helped:

Years left to achieve goal

Hi! I’m Julie Bee

I’m an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and a walking resource for other business owners. I’ve successfully launched two companies, and have helped many other entrepreneurs launch their own initiatives.

Before becoming an author and podcaster, I ran a successful digital marketing agency for 15 years. I experienced the highs and lows of business ownership firsthand, and have lived to tell the tales. From burnout to buy-out, people to process – I’ve done it. I’m also a CPA (that’s another story).

I’m an open book and share just about everything I can about my own journey. I’ve figured out how to prevent burnout as a business owner and achieve success – and I want to help you do the same.

I help entrepreneurs prevent
burnout and fuel success.

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