You’re a business owner with a team of people working for you, but…

You’re still overwhelmed and working a lot…

You’re stressed…

You think, “If I have people doing the work I used to do, why am I still so busy?”

Sound familiar? I can help.

You may not need any more coaching…

But your key employee does. 

Key Employee Coach Julie Bee

You’re a business owner with a great key employee on your team.

resilient leader speaking to teamYou’re a business owner with at least one key employee you rely on greatly. You need that key employee to take on more of a leadership role in your organization so that you have more time for strategy and growth.

Short on time? Download Key Employee Coaching Program PDF Summary Here (no email required)

You’ve trained, mentored, and coached them. You have all but begged them to make this transition, but for some reason that key employee isn’t stepping into the leadership role like YOU know they can do. You want and need them to step into more of a leadership role, but they are struggling to make the move from manager to leader.

Want to know why? You’re too close to this transition. It’s kind of like how a parent can suggest or tell a teenager to do something 100 times, but they don’t do the thing. As soon as someone else suggests the same guidance, the teenager does it.

Sometimes it takes someone outside your business to help the key employee see what you see. To encourage the key employee to move forward in that role. Sometimes you, as the business owner, need to be able to say, “This sounds like something to discuss with Julie.” Wouldn’t it be great if you could have backup? Another business owner who gets you, your company, your key employee, and your goals.

A leader who has done both roles in their career – be both a key employee to a business owner AND be a business owner with a key employee? That’s where I can help. You don’t need more coaching, but your key employee does. Please contact me to set up a time to discuss. 

What is the Key Employee Coaching Program?

It’s a 6-month program, all delivered virtually, that takes your key employee from manager to leader. Here are the basics:

  • I coach your key employee twice a month in one-to-one sessions (60 minutes each).
  • There are four private meetings between you, the business owner, and me over the course of these six months (also 60 minutes each).
  • There are also two meetings where we (the key employee, the business owner, and Julie) all come together to discuss the progress – 90 minutes each.
  • Also included are up to three additional hours a month for “pop-up” communications via email, phone, or video chat. This is especially useful when you, the business owner, needs backup. You simply say, “I think this is something Julie can help you with,” and then I help the key employee.

You will finally have backup in leadership; first from me, and then from the key employee who develops into a leader. 

Our Key Employee Coaching Program Summary PDF outlines each month of the six-month program. Download it here (no email required). 

The program is customized towards your goals for your business.  The ultimate goal is for you, the business owner, to feel less overwhelmed. To feel confident that your business is represented well, even when YOU are not in the room.

Price: $425/month for 6 months, or a one-time payment of $2,500 up-front.

If you’d like to discuss, please fill out my contact form and we’ll get a meeting on the schedule!

What this program is:

  • Coaching that focuses on your key employee’s growth as a leader.
  • An unbiased coach that wants the best for you, your company, and your key employee.
  • Coaching that gets your key employee to think like a business owner.
  • Direct, concise feedback on their progress.
  • Recommendations for how you can better work with your key employee.
  • True accountability for your key employee.
  • For when you need help developing selected leaders in your business.

What this program is NOT:

  • A fix for poor culture match.
  • A recruiting or hiring assessment. This program is meant for an employee you already trust.
  • A short-term fix. This work requires a commitment from both you and your employee.
  • Comfortable. This will challenge your key employee, and will also likely challenge your own comfort zones as they grow as a leader.
  • Business turnaround consulting. I can help save a business, but this program isn’t that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Business owners often have the following questions:

  • How do I select the key employee for the program without showing favoritism? Based on seniority, priority, project needs, performance, or other assessments. Julie can work with you on language to describe this program to your other employees, if this is a concern.
  • How will I know what is going on with my key employee as they move through the program? Regular updates from Julie + meetings + you can reach out at any time and ask.
  • What will the ROI be on this program? It depends on the goals and focus of the program. What is the value of reduced stress or workload for you? What would the value be if you had time to work on big-picture items? If you could rely on a key employees to be the leader in the room, so you don’t have to be in every room, all the time? This program will ultimately save the business owner time, money, energy, and worry – that is where the return on investment will show up.
  • Will my relationship with my key employee change? Yes, for the better. I understand how close you may be to your key employee; I’ll honor that relationship. By the end of the program, you and your key employee will likely be even more in-sync with each other.

Key employees often have the following questions:

  • How will I know that I’m progressing? You will be more comfortable as a leader. Your business owner CEO will pass more of the leadership responsibilities on to you.
  • How will I know if my business owner CEO is happy? Julie will serve as a moderator/guide between you and your business owner CEO during this time, and will ensure we’re all on the same page. You will continue your normal daily work while going through this program, unless otherwise discussed.
  • How many hours a month will I need to commit? You’ll actively practice what you are learning while you work, so there won’t be additional time there. For meetings and homework, an average of 5-6 hours per month is expected.
  • What’s in it for me? Personal and professional growth as a leader.