Momentum Call

Gain and Maintain Momentum in Your Business

I start every potential consulting agreement with a Momentum call. I cover the cost of the first call. During the Momentum call, I’ll help you gain clarity on one business challenge or opportunity. We’ll also define one or two next steps for you to take after the call.

After the call, we will mutually decide if we want to pursue a short-term consulting or coaching agreement. If you do hire me as your strategic business advisor, I guarantee the value of my work, or you won’t pay for it.

If this sounds like you, a Momentum call could help:
-You have the vision to elevate your company further, but something is holding you back.
-You’ve achieved remarkable success but are worried about sustaining the momentum.

You need someone who can quickly diagnose a situation, assess the challenges and opportunities, set a course to move forward and hold you and your team accountable for the changes.

You need an offensive line to protect the pocket so you and your team can be the star quarterback. You need a catcher who sees the whole field so that you can be the star pitcher on the mound.

All while honoring your culture and core values.

I see the whole field and protect that space so you can take those big ideas and turn them into easy actions that elevate your business.

Strategic Business Advisor Process

Every strategic business advisor has a process. I have a few steps I take with most clients. From there, every engagement is customized.

My general strategic business advisor framework

  • Get to know each other: individual assessments and meetings.
  • Review, analyze, assess: based on the initial information gathered.
  • Strategic & operational advising: decide how to move forward to meet/exceed goals.
  • Implement & accountability: I have a unique approach to holding people accountable – and it works.
  • Refine & repeat: I review KPIs each month with you, and we refine and repeat.

I help entrepreneurs prevent
burnout and fuel success.

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