April 18th is National Business Owner Burnout Awareness Day

Business owners have a lot on their plates, but burnout is often a stigma for them. I have personally known many business owners to suffer from burnout that landed them in the hospital, ended in divorce, along with other major challenges.

I believe we need to raise the awareness of business owner burnout, so taking a day during the year on April 18th is just what we’re doing. April is also Stress Awareness Month, which is a good time to shed light on Business Owner Burnout.

Studies about Business Owner Burnout

This is an important topic, and there are statistics that back up that statement.

According to this survey by Capital One, published in early 2022, more than half the business owners surveyed reported that when they experience burnout, it is a barrier to success for their business. Burnout holds business owners back from success.

This Gallup poll indicated that pre-Covid, 38% of women and 45% of men small business owners had daily stress. During Covid, those numbers jumped to 62% for women business owners and 51% of men business owners. As we know, stress can eventually lead to burnout.

Addressing a problem starts with awareness, and that’s exactly why we’re making this a National day.