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Helping Business Owners Achieve Success

I help business owners save time, make money, and protect their quality of life. I do this through coaching, content, and speaking engagements. If you’d like to learn more, please check out this page on my website



My mission is to help 1 million business owners by 2032 achieve success. I’ll accomplish this through content courses and coaching teams. Here’s the deal though. I’ll need your help to lay the bricks and build the house that will hold this vision.


[00:00:00] On this episode, I’m taking the big leap. I’m building the foundation on which the rest of my career will stand. And I’m asking you to join me. I’m Julie B and they don’t teach this in business school. Each and every week, Julie sends out big ideas and easy actions that help elevate your business. She’ll also share some awesomeness happening in the business community.

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Thanks in advance. I’m sharing something with you today that scares me a bit. That seems too. [00:01:00] And I am still running with it. I believe anyone who has the grit and resilience to relentlessly pursue entrepreneurship deserves the opportunity to succeed. My mission is to help 1 million business owners buy 2032, achieve the success.

I’m doing this by helping them run their business instead of allowing it to run. By helping them work on their business instead of in it. I am helping them save time, make money, and prevent burnout. I accomplished that through content courses and coaching their teams and providing leadership backup to the business owner.

The funny thing I’m discovering is that I’m more helpful to business owners if I work with their teams. Most of the work I’m doing right now is about 20% coaching the business owner and about 80% coaching their leadership teams or key employee. Is helping 1 million business owners to save [00:02:00] time, make money, and prevent burnout by 2032 And impossible Mission maybe.

And I’m gonna swing for the fences anyways, because even if we only get to 10%, that’s 100,000 business owners. I imagine the impact that will have in communities around the world, in homes, around the world. I know how much the help of a coach, or a great podcast, or a fantastic course has encouraged me over the years and has helped me have an impact on my community and my home.

And I wanna do the. Thing. I wanna do that for 1 million business owners. I’m focusing my career now on being a positive impact facilitator. I am stepping away even further from my marketing agency to work on this full-time to focus on this mission full-time. Here’s the deal, though. I need your help. I want you to be part of this movement to help business owners.

[00:03:00] My team and I are not going to be able to help 1 million business owners alone. It’s kind of like building a house. We have laid the foundation on which this house, this movement will be. I’m calling you to action now because we need your help to lay the bricks and build the house that will hold this vision.

There are a lot of ways you can do this. There are a lot of ways to help. If you invest in working with me that helps support the team who creates this content, you could hire me to coach your team or a key employee to lead a workshop at your office, or become a sponsor on one of the five different content platforms I currently offer.

You could join the wait list for my $25 a month membership platform that’s rolling out this summer with content monthly meetups, and more features that will be added on a regular basis when my book is available for pre. Buy it. Those are all ways that you can help invest in [00:04:00] this vision with me. There are also completely free ways that support this mission.

Listen to the podcast and share it with others. Sign up for the Be awesome brief and share that with other business owners. I’ll put the link in the show notes for that. Follow me on social media, engage with my content and share it. Watch my YouTube videos and if I talk too slow for you, play it at two times the speed.

I’m cool with sounding like a chipmunk if you’re still getting value from it. If you are a part of an organization that book speakers, book me to speak on leadership, entrepreneurship, or burnout. Send me an email or a DM on social once in a while to encourage me and the team to keep going. It means a lot to me when you do these things.

It also means a lot to the team. I share almost all of those interactions with them and hey, guess what? You’re already part of that 1 million because you are listening to this podcast right now. Thank you for being here. I hope that it helps you in [00:05:00] some way. I really want you to feel good about about it, about being a part of this because you are the best entrepreneurs ever.

You are on the B team, the best entrepreneurs ever team. In my experience, making a new connection with another business owner feels good, but connecting to awesome business owners to each other and then watching magic happen feels even better. It feels beyond great. I think you might have the same experience here.

What my team and I are doing may help you, which makes all of us feel good. Imagine though if you share this with one or two other business owners and it really helps. How great would that feel for you? The foundation has been built. It’s strong. It’s solid, it’s true. Its mission is set. But now we need your help building the house in which this vision lives.

Every bid helps whether it’s laying one brick [00:06:00] or 50, putting in a window, wiring the electrical, or picking out the countertops. I need your help building the house that will help 1 million entrepreneurs by 2032. I’m Julie B and they don’t teach this in business school.