Wellness in Immigration: Strategies for Addressing Burnout

I spoke to the attendees of the 2022 Immigration Law Institute hosted by the New Mexico State bar about burnout. It was a great group. The audience walked away with takeaways about burnout – how to recognize and overcome it.

If you missed this session, click here for more of my thoughts on this topic. Or click play below to listen to one of my podcast episodes on burnout.

Testimonials from Engagement

“It was a pleasure and honor to have Julie present  “Wellness in Immigration: Strategies for Addressing Burnout” at the New Mexico State Bar during our 2022 Immigration Law Institute. Julie’s energy and approach of shedding a new light on burnout won over the audience the moment she began speaking. Her presentation alongside her counterpart received high praise from the attendees and we received requests to bring her back for the next annual institute. She is on the fast-track for greatness, and we will be looking forward to working with her again.” ~ Jeremy Jones, CLE Program Coordinator, NM State Bar Foundation.