Running a successful business is never easy. At times, entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in a cycle of stagnation. This is the story of one of my recent clients, a service-based company serving both consumers and businesses. Here’s how an intervention in perspective is helping turn things around.

A Business on the Brink

The business owner is frustrated and flustered. Despite operating in a commodity industry where demand is consistent, sales and customer service are in a slump. Even more concerning, the team is stuck in a perpetual state of turnover. Key employees struggle to complete daily tasks, a phenomenon that seems inexplicable. Biggest Entrepreneur Mistakes

The Power of Perspective

Upon diving into the problem, two things become apparent. Firstly, the business owner is too engrossed in the issues, unable to see the bigger picture. They need an external eye to highlight the root problems. And secondly, the team members, despite their genuine efforts, feel directionless. There is a significant communication gap, leading to mismatched priorities between the owner and the team. Watch out Podcast to learn more.

A Shift in Focus

While the business owner is emphasizing administrative tasks, what they truly desire is growth through sales. This miscommunication causes employees to prioritize daily tasks over generating sales, leading to mounting frustrations on both ends. After candid discussions, we achieve clarity: growth through sales is the primary goal. With this newfound focus, the environment within the company begins to shift.

The Sales-first Approach

I shift my attention to working closely with the sales team, taking on the role of a sales accountability coach. Together, we identify and streamline their sales processes, ensuring that the team has clear targets and knows precisely how to achieve them. The results? Sales targets are not only met but exceeded, with a remarkable 50% surge in August alone.

Lessons Learned

The key takeaway from this case study is the importance of clear communication and setting precise priorities. Entrepreneurs often juggle various tasks, but it’s essential to recognize that not everyone excels at multitasking. Defining clear priorities for your team can lead to significant improvements in performance.

If you’re a business owner and sense a disparity in your team’s performance, remember: that your team can achieve wonders with clear direction. Sometimes, the obstacle isn’t a lack of talent or capability but rather a misalignment in priorities. Struggling with setting clear priorities? Reach out to us for a consultation! And if you find yourself in such a situation, perhaps it’s time to prioritize your priorities.