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Mindset Change & Qualifying On Paper

I talk about what to do when you don’t qualify on paper.



Have you ever not qualified for something in business?  In this episode, I talk about how a mindset change can help you navigate any feelings of shame or embarrassment when you don’t qualify on paper.


[00:00:00] Julie Bee: I’ve been told I don’t qualify for a networking group, and I’m okay with that. Keep listening to learn how I navigate through those feelings of guilt and embarrassment. I’m Julie B and they don’t teach this. In business school 

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[00:00:31] Julie Bee: Hey there, this is Julie B and you’re listening to They Don’t Teach This In Business School. Thanks for being here with me today. I’m a coach who facilitates momentum for business owners and their.

You know that one project that would elevate your business, but it’s always getting put on the back burner. I can help you make sure that initiative gains and maintains momentum. Reach out to me if you’d like to hear more. On [00:01:00] today’s podcast, I’m talking about qualifying, specifically qualifying for business opportunities and how a mindset change can help you navigate any feelings of shame or embarrassment when you don’t qualify on paper.

I’ve qualified for many business opportunities in my time, but I have been quote unquote unqualified for far. Networking groups, speaking engagements, educational programs. It’s usually because my company didn’t generate enough revenue last year, or I don’t have a certain number of employees, or I haven’t had enough speaking engagements under my belt.

There’s a general not enough since there. And if I’m not careful that not enough can really mess with my mind, it can make me feel bad about myself as a business owner. I counteract these feelings by reminding myself of what I have accomplished. But this podcast isn’t about me. It’s about you. Have you ever not qualified for something in business?

It [00:02:00] sucks, especially if you really want to qualify. I was at an open house networking event earlier this year, and the question, do you qualify to join this group? Was asked several times. My answer was no. I don’t qualify, but I will soon enough, and I wanted to see if this group was for me. . I ran into another business owner at that event who was in the group, but in a quote unquote lower tier of this qualification standard, that person was considering quitting the group because as they put it, it makes me feel bad about myself and my business, like something is wrong with me, that I can’t qualify into the first.

I asked the question back, does this group qualify for you? They thought about it and ultimately the answer was probably not. The group works for many people. I’m not knocking qualifications. I get that sometimes you need to be in a room of individuals who have reached a certain threshold in business to have the [00:03:00] advanced conversations.

I also think that if you want to be in those rooms, you do the work to get there. It’s not the qualifications part that I take issue with. It’s how often that is often used to inflate egos of the qualified and deflate self-esteem of the unqualified when it goes from your, isn’t qualified to you as a person aren’t qualified.

That’s when my red flags. Hard pass. That’s a no all day long for me. What should be said there is your business isn’t ready yet to be in this group. Let’s figure out how to get your company there. It isn’t that you don’t qualify. Your business isn’t there yet, and that’s okay because you can get there. . So if there’s something out there that you’ve gone for membership to a group or something like that, and you’ve been told you don’t qualify and made to feel bad about it, maybe the question isn’t, what am I doing wrong?

Maybe the question you should ask [00:04:00] is, does it qualify for me? I’m Julie B, and they don’t teach this in business school.