Entrepreneurial Journey

I recently spoke to students at Wingate University about my step-by-step journey becoming a business owner. It was a great group. Link to speaking engagement page.

The audience walked away with these takeaways.

  1. Give yourself permission to fail. What you’re really doing is giving yourself permission to try. Best lessons come from failures.

  2. Identify as soon as you can if you’re a visionary or manager. Once you choose which you are, the faster you can excel.

  3. Practice the three Rs: resilience, resourcefulness and relentlessness.

  4. Develop sales skills. You must be able to sell.

  5. Be vulnerable, humble and willing to ask for help. Seek a mentor and helpful resources.

  6. Overcome imposter syndrome by keeping an “I’m-a-badass file” to remind yourself of your accomplishments so that you build confidence by keeping your goal in front of you.

Testimonials from Engagement

wingate image

“Julie Bee shared with Wingate students her journey to becoming the founder and President of BeeSmart Social Media.  She said fear of failure is what limits opportunity, giving yourself permission to fail is giving yourself permission to try.  That is the first step to start a business.

I appreciate and relate to her advice to our students as I think about my professional career in terms of knowing if you are a visionary or manager, practicing the three R’s: resilience, resourcefulness, and relentlessness, developing sales skills, and to me most important being vulnerable, humble, and willing to ask for help.”

Sergio Castello, Dean, School of Business, Wingate University