Speaking Testimonials

“Julie Bee was the keynote speaker at the Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Breakfast and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for her invaluable contribution. Julie adeptly connected with our members and attendees, imparting crucial insights on navigating the challenges inherent in business operations. Her methodical approach to devising, refining, and implementing business frameworks left a lasting impression on all attendees.

Julie’s expertise shone through as she addressed every aspect of strategic planning, emphasizing the importance of control and monitoring before execution. Her presentation resonated deeply with our small business owners. Julie’s approach was nothing short of exceptional. She effortlessly engaged with everyone when she spoke, fostering a warm and interactive atmosphere. Her friendly demeanor extended beyond the stage as she graciously fielded questions and provided guidance afterwards.

We wholeheartedly recommend Julie Bee to any business seeking growth and refinement. Her insights are transformative in helping anyone implement ideas through a proven process. Julie’s impact extends far beyond the confines of her presentation, leaving individuals inspired and with the tools to implement positive change long after the event concludes.”

Charlotte Area Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Helms, CEO

“It was a pleasure and honor to have Julie present Wellness in Immigration: Strategies for Addressing Burnout at the New Mexico State Bar during our 2022 Immigration Law Institute. Julie’s energy and approach of shedding new light on burnout won over the audience the moment she began speaking. Her presentation alongside her counterpart received high praise from the attendees and we received requests to bring her back for the next annual institute. She is on the fast track for greatness, and we will be looking forward to working with her again.”

New Mexico Bar Association, Jeremy Jones, CLE Program Coordinator

“Julie Bee shared with Wingate students her journey to becoming the founder and President of BeeSmart Social Media.  She said fear of failure is what limits opportunity, giving yourself permission to fail is giving yourself permission to try.  That is the first step to start a business.

I appreciate and relate to her advice to our students as I think about my professional career in terms of knowing if you are a visionary or manager, practicing the three R’s: resilience, resourcefulness, and relentlessness, developing sales skills, and to me most important being vulnerable, humble, and willing to ask for help.”

Wingate University, Sergio Castello, Dean of the School of Business

“Julie spoke to members of the Union County Chamber’s small business program on how to finish the year strong and start the following year even stronger. Julie shared a wealth of knowledge with our audience, on everything from sales and marketing to employee engagement. Her “break up” email suggestion was one of the best nuggets of information I have heard from a speaker! The audience left with many actionable items to implement in their business, and I even took notes on ways to implement some of what she taught for the Chamber’s operations.

During her presentation, we experienced some technical malfunctions where Julie’s presentation was lost from the screen for several minutes – but that didn’t phase Julie. If anything, she was able to hold the audience’s attention even more so during that time. I would highly recommend Julie for any speaking engagements relating to business ownership, and we will certainly have her back again to speak in the future.”

Union County Chamber (NC), Pat Kahle, President & CEO

“Our students enjoy learning from Julie any time we have her speak, whether it is to lead a workshop or be part of a panel discussion. Julie quickly builds rapport with the audience, engages them with easy-to-digest stories and insights, and leaves them wanting more time with her. Her unique presentation style and authentic delivery make an impact, and she has a knack for leaving the audience inspired to take action. We will have Julie back for future speaking opportunities.”

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Manassah Bradley, Senior Program Manager

“Julie is an extremely talented speaker with knowledge in a multitude of vital topics. She is incredibly engaging while providing relatable information with actions you can implement right away. The hour presentation went by too fast and I highly recommend her as a great speaker.”

NC Association of CPAs, Holly Bazemore, Engagement Manager

“Julie spoke to Business Sorority, a group of women professionals and business owners, about leadership and the difference between “leading” and “managing”. This was such an insightful distinction! And what really set Julie apart from other speakers were her specific actions and real world examples showing HOW to lead vs. manage. Our participants walked away with tangible pieces of advice they could implement right away in their own businesses. Julie’s no-nonsense, personal speaking style made her one of the best speakers I have booked for Business Sorority over the years. She was amazing!”

LeeAnn Shattuck, Program Director, Business Sorority

“Julie did a great job in our lunch and learn to provide actionable information to our women’s initiative group. She was very relatable and her use of stories made her presentation more tangible. She received excellent evaluations from all attendees and several indicated that they would have wanted more time with her. I highly recommend Julie as a leadership speaker.”

NC Association of CPAs, Melisa Galasso, Program Facilitator

“Awesome presentation! Awesome insights and personal perspectives Julie! Truly appreciated!”
Sherre DeMao, CEO, BizGrowth Inc., Business Sorority Member

“LOVED IT. I absolutely loved your presentation! I took lots of notes and just printed them out!”

GiGi Sampson, Small Business Owner, Business Sorority Member

“Julie is a natural speaker; we always get great reviews from the audience any time she speaks. The audience feels connected to her almost immediately, and they walk away motivated to take action on what they learned. Her style is educational, fun, and authentic; her content is packed with real stories and ideas that make her presentations memorable. We will continue to engage with Julie in the future, and look forward to those presentations!”

Central Piedmont Community College, Mary Brown, Small Business Center

“Wow, that was incredible! I am so thrilled you were able to speak today and this was one of my favorite networking events, maybe of all time! Thank you!”

Holly Bazemore, Engagement Manager, NC Association of CPAs