As a strategic business advisor, I guarantee the value of my work, or you won’t pay for it.

Do you need a strategic business advisor?

strategic business advisors for entrepreneurs

You’re a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner. You have the vision to elevate your company further, but something is holding you back.

Or perhaps you’ve achieved remarkable success but are worried about sustaining the momentum.

Your CEO and mastermind groups are great, but they often don’t understand the nuances of your industry or culture.

You need someone who can quickly diagnose a situation, assess the challenges and opportunities, set a course to move forward, and hold you and your team accountable for the changes.

You need an offensive line to protect the pocket so you can be the star quarterback. You need a catcher who sees the whole field so that you can be the star pitcher on the mound.

All while honoring your culture and core values.

You need a strategic business advisor who holds space for the greatness you and your company offer. But why choose me as your strategic business advisor?

I see the whole field and protect that space so you can take those big ideas and turn them into easy actions that elevate your business.

I’m a Strategic Business Advisor with a Big Toolkit

swing-for-the-fencesI’m a strategic advisor with a particular set of skills that makes me a very valuable asset to business owners and their teams. I’m a business owner with key employees and have been a key employee to business owners.

I’m a CPA who loves crunching numbers and interpreting them, so others understand.

I have 17+ years of digital marketing experience and get the ever-changing marketing landscape.

I have 15 years of leadership experience running my own companies.

I graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

With that experience, I bring a very unique perspective to my advisory clients. I’ve seen everything from business development to manufacturing, talent management to financial analysis, and bankruptcy to boardrooms.

I won’t judge you or the company for your decisions. I’ll also be your biggest ally and your best accountability partner.

The bottom line is I care about you, your team, and your bottom line.

And, after the first month, you don’t pay for my services if you’re not getting value from our engagement.

Strategic Business Advisor Process

Every strategic business advisor has a process. I have a few steps I take with most clients. From there, every engagement is customized.

My general strategic business advisor framework

  1. Get to know each other: individual assessments and meetings.
  2. Review, analyze, assess: based on the initial information gathered.
  3. Strategic & operational advising: decide how to move forward to meet/exceed goals.
  4. Implement & accountability: I have a unique approach to holding people accountable – and it works.
  5. Refine & repeat: I review KPIs each month with you, and we refine and repeat.

I customize this framework based on what my clients need.

You will experience the following while working with me:

  • Clarity and focus.
  • Accountability.
  • Leadership.
  • Growth.

Strategic Business Advisor FAQs

  • How much does this cost? Between $1,000 – $6,000/month. One meeting with the business owner monthly would be in the $1,000/month range. Two monthly meetings with a leadership team of 3+ would be in the $4,000/month range.
  • Why is the first month not covered by the guarantee? That first month is for my time invested learning and understanding your company and getting to know you.
  • How long is our contract? 60-day commitment, then month-to-month.
  • What do you do as our strategic business advisor? Engagements vary, but in general, I review data (financial, marketing, etc.) and provide strategic and operational direction. I also hold my clients and their teams accountable for agreed actions, facilitate team conversations, help business owners with hard decisions, provide resource options, and identify opportunities.