Swing for the Fences

Swing for the fences is a baseball or softball euphemism that means when you go to bat, you are trying to hit a home run. This year in business and in leadership, I have repeatedly swung for the fences.  I struck out some. I hit a few home runs. There’s been a lot in between those two outcomes, as well.

I’ve learned two things about myself while practicing this mantra. One, I have a lot to learn and practice. Two, I’m heading towards something big. Like, BIG big. I have recorded a podcast on this topic, which you can listen to below, but let me share one strikeout, and one home run, from 2022’s year of swinging for the fences.

swing for the fences
swing for the fences

Biggest Strikeout

My biggest strikeout this year, without a doubt, was my Braving Burnout program. It was a short-term, group coaching program designed for women business owners who were burned out. I sold one seat of ten and did not hold the program. I learned a lot, though, from this swing. Even though I struck out, I identified that business owners are hesitant to talk about their burnout. I also learned my target audience wasn’t well-defined. I heard a lot of good feedback, but couldn’t get people to sign-up. Afterward, because I’m willing to be vulnerable, I spoke with a few people about it. I learned this is common – it happens A LOT. The important thing is to keep trying. Other lessons learned – tweak the program, try at a different time of year, and promote harder.

Grand Slam Home Run

I landed a book deal with the publishers of Traction, on my first book. While this isn’t unheard of, it is rare. This was the kind of home run that wins championships. Even when I submitted the proposal, I was thinking there was a very small chance that I would get a book contract. After a month, though, I had a signed contract. I also started taking even bigger swings.


What’s Next?

There is one more swing I’m thinking about taking for 2022. It’s a big one – even bigger than the book deal. I’m not ready to share it yet, but I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to the batter’s box. Courage is one of my core values and what I’m thinking about doing next takes a significant amount of courage. I’ve already taken several strikeouts around this swing, though. I’ve connected with the ball a few times. I’m getting closer to hitting it out of the park. I’ll keep you posted on this front.

Sometimes It Isn’t Clear When You Should Swing

As a leader and business owner, sometimes it isn’t clear when you should swing. I get it. Sometimes you think the strikeouts will never end. I also completely understand that (I’ve been there several times). If you need some help deciding when to take your shot, or even which shot to take, reach out to me. My VIP consulting plan – short-term help that creates a long-term solution – is good for those situations.  I’m also an engaging public speaker on this topic and may be a good fit for your next event. As always, please feel free to contact me at any time!