Brandon Crumpton: Looking In The Mirror

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In today’s episode, Julie talks with Brandon Crumpton, President of Key Signature Entertainment, about how looking in the mirror will often solve a lot of business problems and how sometimes being too transparent hurts your business. They also chat about a lesson Brandon learned about being too transparent with his employees, team, and clients, and how that’s been a hard lesson to learn.

Right Side Up

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Sometimes business owners get into a swirl and a spin. There are many decisions to be made. Many lives that could be impacted by those decisions. In this episode, Julie shares a story about being in that overwhelmed space, and how her key employee said one sentence that helped pull Julie out of it. In this reflective podcast, Julie also shares how important these statements are to being a leader of leaders.

Core Values Reveal

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Over the past several months, you’ve been traveling with Julie on her journey to redefine her core values and she's super excited to be reaching her destination and share these values with you. Throughout this episode, Julie reminds you how and why it’s important to have a set of core values and, how equally important it is to revisit them periodically. She talks about her previous set, mentions a few that have dropped off the list, and announces her new, updated list of core values and why she chose them.

Balancing Confidence and Humility

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Early on in Julie’s business career, she would pretend she had all the answers, even if she didn't. That was neither confidence nor courage. That was arrogance and it bit her in the behind enough times for her to learn the subtle art of being able to say, “I don't know”.  Listen in to learn how Julie found confidence in herself and earned the confidence of others. In this week’s episode, Julie continues to share her personal journey with you and explain the delicate balance of both confidence, and humility.  This is one more critical item business owners and entrepreneurs learn that only experience can teach.

Angie Stegall: Listen to Those Whispers

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As an award-winning, published author, Angie Stegall helps business owners and entrepreneurs find their way through the struggles and chaos of corporate life. Angie earned a BA in Organizational Communications from the Queens University of Charlotte. She’s a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and incorporates nature-based coaching into her work with clients. During her conversation with Julie, Angie talks about a life-changing sabbatical, listening to the whisper telling her she had to do something different. She also shares with Julie what happens if you ignore the whisper. Angie also shares the one thing students should learn in business school to help navigate the waters of business leadership and how she defines success.

Core Values Update – First Draft is Done!

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In this episode, Julie shares an update on her journey of self-leadership. The first step in self-leadership is defining, or redefining, your core values. In this episode, Julie shares her work going through step three on her path of redefining her own core values, which results in her initial list of core values.

Self-Leadership: The Hard Decisions We’re Proud We Made

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In this episode, Julie shares some of the hard decisions she’s proud of making over the past few years. In her journey of self-leadership, Julie recognized she needed to redefine her core values. She shares the process with you, so that you can make sure you’re making values-aligned decisions throughout your life – which is a hallmark of excellent self-leadership.

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