Core Values Reveal

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Over the past several months, you’ve been traveling with Julie on her journey to redefine her core values and she's super excited to be reaching her destination and share these values with you. Throughout this episode, Julie reminds you how and why it’s important to have a set of core values and, how equally important it is to revisit them periodically. She talks about her previous set, mentions a few that have dropped off the list, and announces her new, updated list of core values and why she chose them.

Core Values Update – Asking Others for Help

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In this, the third part of the series, Julie talks about simply asking for help from colleagues, friends and peers. Send them the list and ask for feedback. Make sure to listen throughout the episode for a deeper dive and more details as you travel along with Julie on her process of redefining her core values.

Core Values Update – First Draft is Done!

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In this episode, Julie shares an update on her journey of self-leadership. The first step in self-leadership is defining, or redefining, your core values. In this episode, Julie shares her work going through step three on her path of redefining her own core values, which results in her initial list of core values.

Self-Leadership: The Hard Decisions We’re Proud We Made

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In this episode, Julie shares some of the hard decisions she’s proud of making over the past few years. In her journey of self-leadership, Julie recognized she needed to redefine her core values. She shares the process with you, so that you can make sure you’re making values-aligned decisions throughout your life – which is a hallmark of excellent self-leadership.

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