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New Podcast!

From award-winning podcaster Julie Bee, this podcast is all about entrepreneurial leadership and the ups and downs of being a business owner!



Starting a business is hard – managing and growing one is even harder. On the They Don’t Teach This In Business School podcast, Julie shares her personal insights on entrepreneurship, management, leadership, and having a thriving culture based on her 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience. Along with Julie’s personal insights, she also interviews other business owners and entrepreneurs to gain deeper insights into what it takes to be a business owner. 


Hey there, you’re listening to very first episode of They Don’t Teach This in Business School. I’m Julie Bee, and I’m really glad you’re here. If I’m a new voice to you – welcome! If you’ve listened to some of my other podcasts – welcome back!

So, what is this podcast all about? Well, the answer is in the title. In this podcast, I’m going to share insights on what isn’t taught in business school, but should be, about being an entrepreneurial leader. I’ll also do the occasional interview with other business owners as they share their own insights about what they wish they had known, or been taught, about being a leader and growing a business. 

You may be wondering what makes me qualified to talk about these topics, and here’s just a small part of my background. I have been a business owner for over 15 years. I’ve gone through all the ups and downs you can imagine – and then some. As an entrepreneurial leader of teams and people, I’ve also had my fair share of people challenges. And the business school tie in? Yes, I have that, too. Before starting a business, I graduated FROM business school – with a bachelors and masters degree. Today, I’m often hired to speak to students at business colleges and I know that some of the things they need to know about business ownership and leadership are not taught. 

Now, I’m not blaming the business schools for the fact that they don’t teach some of these things. Some things cannot be taught in a classroom. Experience is usually the best teacher, and that’s so very true in business ownership. My goal with this podcast is to help people – no matter where they are on their business leadership journey – by hearing some lessons I wish someone had taught me before I made the mistakes I’ve made in business. And because I value the opinion and insights of others, I’m going to invite other seasoned entrepreneurial leaders to come on the show and discuss some of their own learnings as well.  

As we walk down this path, we’ll have some great realizations about things that aren’t taught in business school. And with any luck – the content will help you avoid some mistakes that other entrepreneurs and business leaders (myself included) have made. 

So thank you for listening to They Don’t Teach This in Business School – I hope you find the lessons and discussions super helpful in your own business leadership journey.