Short term consultant for business owners

Short-Term Consulting for Business Owners

No long-term commitments; just help with your Very Important Possibilities and Very Important Problems. 

You’re a seasoned business owner.


You’re already successful in the eyes of others. But you have a VIP – a Very Important Possibility or a Very Important Problem. Maybe both.

You have big plans and a vision for elevating your company even further, but those VIPs are holing you back.

Maybe it’s a process roadblock. Maybe it’s a key employee challenge. Maybe it’s an operations issue.

Maybe it’s that you can’t get out of your own way.

Whatever “it” is though – it’s holding you back (even if you’re not sure what “it” is yet).

You also don’t have time for a 6 or 12 month coaching engagement.

That’s where I can help with my VIP consulting offerings. Big-impact, no-contract, short-term consulting.

What is the VIP Consulting Experience?

One, 60-90 minute consulting meetings with Julie (via video conference or phone). Julie will draw on her 14+ years of experience as a business owner, her background as a business accountant, and her marketing and sales experience to help you.

The outcomes of this meeting will help you take the next step towards overcoming a very important problem, and/or it will help you take steps towards that very important possibility.

Price: $1,000, one-time fee.

What this program is:

  • Short-term consulting to get you on the path to solving the problem at hand.
  • Direct, concise feedback on, and consulting for, your next steps.
  • Consulting that will identify next steps that you will be able to implement on your existing budget.
  • For when you want private, fast, one-to-one help with someone you can trust.
  • Consulting with someone who has had consultations with hundreds of business owners.

What this program is NOT:

  • Coaching. I will not ask you, “What do you think the right answer is?”  You need answers, advice, and direction, not more questions.
  • Consulting answers that will require you to invest thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to implement.
  • A deep dive into what motivates you and/or your employees. You don’t have time for that right now, with this challenge.
  • A long-term commitment. One call, that’s it.