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You’re a seasoned business owner.

You’re already successful in the eyes of others. You have big plans and a vision for elevating your company even further.


But for some reason, you’re stuck on something. Maybe it’s a process roadblock. Maybe it’s a key employee

challenge. Maybe it’s an operations issue.

Maybe it’s that you can’t get out of your own way.

Whatever “it” is though – it’s holding you back (even if you’re not sure what “it” is yet).

That’s where I can help with big-impact, no-contract, short-term consulting through my Roadblock Remover program.

I appreciate Julie for asking the “hard” questions that I don’t always want to hear, but at the end of the day they help push me to be a better business owner/employer. I am truly grateful for Julie’s time, energy, thoughtfulness and leadership to help guide our group to becoming the leaders and business owners we desire to be!

Laura Holt, President, Shamrock's Discount Janitor Supply (Albuquerque, NM)

Two consulting meetings with me (via video conference or phone) that result in helping you take the next step towards overcoming an obstacle in your business. In between those meetings, you will receive accountability check-ins from me, as well.

Price: $500, one-time fee. This is a “launch” price, and it won’t last long.

What this program is:

  • Short-term consulting to get you on the path to solving the problem at hand.
  • Direct, concise feedback on, and consulting for, your next steps.
  • Consulting that will identify next steps that you will be able to implement on your existing budget.
  • True accountability that goes beyond, “Did you get that completed?”
  • For when you want private, fast, one-to-one help with someone you can trust.
  • Consulting with someone who has had consultations with hundreds of small business owners.

What this program is NOT:

  • Coaching. I will not ask you, “What do you think the right answer is?”  You need answers, advice, and direction, not more questions. I will draw on my experience to find the answers.
  • Consulting answers that will require you to invest thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to implement.
  • A deep dive into what motivates you and/or your employees. You don’t have time for that right now, with this challenge.
  • A long-term commitment. This is a 60-days MAX commitment so you can get over this hurdle and move on.
  • Business turnaround consulting. I can help save a business, but not in two meetings.

Julie’s ability to ask challenging questions while simultaneously honoring the vulnerability of group members is a skill that not many have, but Julie makes it look easy. She is a trusted sounding board who is particularly gifted at creating a collaborative environment that fosters growth. I feel fortunate to have Julie in my network and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Gina Dhanani, COO & Owner, The Double Cola Company (Chattanooga, TN)